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Program directors.  These daily  60 second inspirational moments are airing on KMET Radio in Southern California.

These free 60 second spots are inspirational and motivational. Perfect for any station.

Each 60 second spot contains a positive message.

Most include quotes from well known and popular writers, entertainers, and famous people from the past and present. Recent quotes are from Billy Graham, Ruth Bell Graham, John Muir, Roger Stauback,  Zig Ziglar, Mary Kay Ashe, John Wooden, Bon Jovi, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Robert Frost, and many others.

Some spots include family friendly anecdotes and humorous stories that tell a positive message.

Recent themes include such topics as: being there for others, an attitude of gratitude, positive thinking, the power of love, helping others, friendliness and much more.

Here you can preview using Soundcloud.

If you are interested in airing the free inspirational spots on your station, go the download page where they are available in mp3 format. Each spot is 60 seconds long.

Give Roland a call to discuss your needs or tell him you will be using the free spots.
His number is 510-455-8851

New spots are available each week, usually by Monday of the week before they can air.

About Roland

Roland's radio program has been on the air for 28 years. Roland's program has aired in San Francisco, San Bernardino, CA, Richmond, Virginia, Asheville, North Carolina, Seattle, WA, Kansas City, MO, Pittsburgh, PA, Jacksonville, Florida, Alexandria, Louisiana, Tupelo, Mississippi, Augusta Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Scranton, PA, and across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa on shortwave radio.

Roland's message is positive, practical, and doesn't neglect the philosophical and spiritual sides of life. Roland has been heard on both Christian and mainstream AM and FM stations.  Roland has an earned Masters Degree in Human Relations and Organization Development, and taught management for many years at both the graduate and undergraduate level. He has been a frequent guest speaker on managing and motivating employees to dozens of service clubs, chambers of commerce and business and nonprofit organizations. Roland is the author of 19 books. Today Roland works as a volunteer chaplain, bringing his uplifting and positive message to those in need of a little positivity.

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